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Covid-19: Branded chains shape Spanish guidelines

3 June 2020 – After almost 3 months of strict lockdown, restaurants in Spain have finally reopened their doors to customers on the first of June. To ensure that this was done in the safest way in the circumstances, Marcas de Restauración, the Spanish branded chains association, worked with the government to develop safety guidelines.

Paula Nevado Lópes, Secretary General of Marcas de Restauración

The team at ‘Marcas’ participated in the technical committee that drafted the guide, providing input on the best way to protect the health of both staff and customers. The draft was later reviewed with trade unions, regional authorities and the ministry of industry, commerce and tourism, who eventually endorsed the guidelines.

Spanish government’s guidelines can be found here

The result is a detailed document, that puts the emphasis on prevention, risk management and staff training. Collaboration between staff and management is seen as a key principle in the creation and implementation of these measures.

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